Xbox Live is getting a karaoke channel soon

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The news of Xbox Live getting its own Karaoke channel called Karaoke for Xbox 360 struck us by surprise. It’s clear that Microsoft has successfully transformed the Xbox 360 into a multimedia machine, but a dedicated karaoke app is right out of left field. Karaoke for Xbox 360 will be released during the 2012 holiday season. It’ll come with more than 8,000 songs that will be streamed thanks to The Karaoke Channel. Of course, accessing everything this service has to offer isn’t free. There will be some demo songs available, but the full library of songs can only be performed for a certain period of time. You’ll have to pay in 2, 6 or 24 hour increments to access the library. Payments can only be made in Microsoft Points.

You’ll also need a proper microphone in order for any of this to work. It’s unclear if Kinect qualifies as a supported audio device.

Source [Stingray Digital]

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