Double Fine asks the public to choose its next game prototypes

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Double Fine and Humble Bundle has teamed up to make the developer’s amnesia fortnight exercises public. Amnesia fortnight is an event held within Double Fine that lets individuals take a couple weeks to come up with their ideal game. It was from these sessions that great games such as Stacking, Costume Quest and Iron Brigade were born. This time around, the public will be deciding which games get made into prototypes.

The process works similar to other Humble Bundles. You pay what want (at least $1) to become a contributor, then you can vote on which game you want to see prototyped. Double Fine will take the top four out of 23 game ideas with the most votes and begin creating prototypes. Double Fine will also live stream the development process in addition to being a part of a documentary that will be filmed by 2 Player Productions.

Here’s the best part. If you contribute, you’ll be able to download prototypes for Costume Quest and Happy Song (Once Upon a Monster) right away. You’ll also get access to prototypes to the top four games once they’re finished.

This is a really good idea, and some of the game concepts sound neat. I suggest checking it out.

Source [Humble Bundle]

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