PlayStation Mobile is now open to all developers

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On Monday, Sony opened the doors to its PlayStation Mobile Developer Program. This program allows anyone to create an app or game that can be published to the PlayStation Mobile platform, and experienced on PlayStation Certified devices.

Sony has a software development kit for PlayStation Mobile available to download. This SDK promises to give developers everything they need to start making software for the platform. Although downloading the SDK and using it to create apps is free, a $99 yearly fee will be required whenever developers decide to start publishing. That $99 fee will enable developers to publish as many apps as they desire.

Now all Sony needs to do is begin supporting more PlayStation Certified devices. There are too few of them right now, and it’s not even clear if the Nexus 7 is among the supported devices. Sony has a good opportunity to make PlayStation Mobile work, but it has to start being more vocal about it.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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