Curiosity developers outline a fix for disappearing coins

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Curiosity has suffered from some significant issues since it was released. Among the biggest complaints were unstable servers, disappearing coins and that annoying Facebook button that made everyone think twice about tapping in the upper right corner of the screen. Today, a couple members from 22cans wrote a blog post explaining what they plan to do about these problems.

Paul and Tim from 22cans started off by apologizing for the server and coin issues. They explained how they increased servers at one point, but were forced to make some tough decisions.

“In order to get it [Curiosity] back online we increased our server count by 14 times but unfortunately also had to disable a number of systems which were bottlenecks,” reads the blog post. “Most tragically among these was a system to reconcile your coins across multiple devices and within your Facebook account if you pressed the button to log in.”

The good news is Curiosity‘s servers are better now than they were before. The bad news is the coin problem still remains. If you accidentally press the Facebook button, your coins will be lost. You also can’t uninstall or upgrade Curiosity if you don’t want to lose your coins.

There is an update in the works that will prevent coins from disappearing once and for all. It’ll be available for Android in a few days. Apple has to approve the update for the iOS version of the game, so a release window is not known at this time.

Source [22cans]

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