Google Play may require a Google+ account to post app reviews

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Google will supposedly make a bold move in the way it lets customers post reviews in Google Play. According to some code sleuthing of the latest Google Play app update performed by Android Police, Google will require users sign up for a Google+ account before they’re able to post reviews in Google Play.

If Google goes along with this, it means all reviews from the time this feature is implemented will show the poster’s real name and possible profile picture. Google is pretty strict when it comes to using real names for Google+ accounts. Google+ users are allowed to use nicknames, but they will appear alongside your common profile name. Pseudonyms, such as “CoolDude247″ can’t be used as profile names unless you prove to Google that name is a part of your common identity (celebrity, internet star ect…).

On the plus side, this will allow developers to directly interact with users that may have problems with their apps. It could also cut down on trolling that sometimes occurs in app reviews. For example, instead of reviewing an app for what it is, some users will give the app a bad score based on some other criteria.

Source [Android Police]

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