Secret of the Magic Crystals developer is using Steam sales to crowdfund a sequel

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This story has two major points. First of all, Steam’s autumn sale will run from November 21-27, and the winter sale will be held from December 20-January 4. Prepare your wallets and bank accounts accordingly. Second of all, Artery Studios, the developer of Secret of the Magic Crystals, is using these two major Steam sales to possibly fund Secret of the Magic Crystals 2.

The CEO of Artery Studios, Tamás Bakó, explained his plan in a developer diary. Basically, Artery Studios needs to sale 50,000 copies of Secret of the Magic Crystals in order to fund the sequel. To reach this goal, the studio is offering rewards for buying specific quantities of the original game which will be sold for $1.99. This method is not that dissimilar to what’s done on Kickstarter.

Anyone who purchases between 6-10 copies of Secret of the Magic Crystals will get the sequel for free and their name will be featured in the game’s credits. On the high end, anyone who purchases 41 or more copies will be rewarded with five copies of Secret of the Magic Crystals 2, a signed t-shirt, acknowledgment in the credits and they’ll get a horse named after them.

These rewards depend on whether or not Artery Studios reaches specific milestones, but the incentive is there.

Source [Artery Studios]

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