TSA expands security measures for electronic devices

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Airport security

Annoying news for gamers who like to travel with their consoles: a new policy went into effect over the weekend regarding airport security, requiring all “full-size video game consoles” to be separated from carry-on luggage or else submitted separately for X-ray screening. This applies to DVD players as well. Cell phones, iPods, and portable systems are thankfully still ok to bring onboard intact.

What’s really aggravating about the new rule is the seemingly random decision to enact it, and not an actual, logical assessment of risk. Taken from the KOMO report:

The policy recommendation came from a front line security officer who screens passengers every day who observed that game consoles and DVD players are complex devices much like laptop computers. This change brings more uniformity to their policy.

What’s Next?

Gamers traveling to boring destinations now face the ultimate challenge: “Do I dare pack my beloved Wii in the checked luggage and risk it being shipped to Katmandu, or do I take my chances with airport security?”

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