Black Friday 2012: Strategy First has massive bundle for cheap

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In a previous century, Strategy First had some of the best titles around. Those days may well be past but they still have an amazing collection of odd titles, not quite old enough for GOG, nor slick enough for Gamersgate.

That makes it a great place to go when you’re looking for titles that you just won’t see anywhere else, especially when you’re shopping for a gamer who has everything.

For the right type of gamer, Strategy First has an awesome special going on until November 27, 2012: A bundle of many “used to be $30 apiece” titles for a piddly $4.99. These titles are little narrow, but pure gold for strategy-lovin’ wargamers.

The most special title is probably Victorian Admirals, a real-time naval combat game based on 19th century ironclad ships. Mass market appeal? No, but you can bet the developers of that game must have been devoted to the topic.

Similarly, another title in the bundle, Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 is ridiculously narrow by current gaming standards: it focuses on two weeks of particularly brutal tank battles in Russia that took place in May, 1942. These are almost appetizers for the other games in the bundle, which feature more ironclads and tank-based combat.

Even if these aren’t exactly the kinds of games you’re looking for, a browse around Strategy First’s site is worth the click, as they cover everything from scuba simulators to trains, as well as wargames. Just not in the mood to buy even at their very low prices? Then you’re probably staying home for Black Friday, so check out the free games section to kill a few hours  if nothing else.

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