BioWare’s Casey Hudson asks if people want a Mass Effect prequel or sequel

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People have always been quite vocal about the Mass Effect games. Until Mass Effect 3, it’s always been positive, but now it’s a bit of a mix. Especially since it was announced that the fourth game won’t involve a soldier like Commander Shepard and that BioWare Montreal is working on it. So naturally, when Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of Mass Effect asks what people want from the next game, he’s going to get a lot of feedback.

Hudson’s question yesterday was simple. He wanted to know if people wanted the next Mass Effect game to take place before the original Mass Effect, or after Mass Effect 3. The message has received over 240 retweets and lots of responses. People’s reactions seem mixed. Some sight the success of Halo Reach as a reason for a prequel. Others say they want to know what happens next. There are even a few people who want to see Commander Shepard’s son/daughter as the lead in a sequel. If you have a Twitter account, you may as well go and submit your opinion too.

I already tweeted in my opinion, but I’ll share it here as well. I think the next Mass Effect game should definitely be a sequel. For starters, I’m not a big fan of already knowing what’s generally going to happen in a game, even though I admit to being a spoiler hound sometimes. Not to mention a prequel would probably be set during the time of first contact, which would mean our avatar and his or her associates would all be human. That’s no fun! I need variety on my team. Finally, a sequel could give BioWare a chance to show our Mass Effect 1-3 choices mattered. Finally, with a prequel the ending is predetermined. BioWare games are about choice, even if the choice doesn’t matter much in the long run (cough Mass Effect 3 cough).

Anyways, what do you think? Should BioWare Montreal make Mass Effect 4 a prequel or a sequel?

Read [Casey Hudson on Twitter]

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