XSEED making more copies of The Last Story because people loved it

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The Last Story
As much as we love companies like XSEED, Aksys, NIS America and Atlus, we don’t love how their small size means small production numbers. Most of their games are limited run releases, which mean if you don’t get them within the first two or three months, you may have trouble finding them at all. Fortunately, that won’t be the case with XSEED’s The Last Story. XSEED has announced it was its best selling game ever and, as a result, it’s releasing more copies.

The new version of The Last Story that is headed out to stores is slightly different than the original. That’s because the original The Last Story was a $39.99 premium edition that included an artbook. The latest release is $29.99 and includes no artbook. Don’t be too sad though, as the game itself is so good that you won’t even miss getting 44 pages of beautiful character and environmental art.

This is especially good news for Wii U owners. The Wii U didn’t have any RPGs at launch. Okay, scratch that since it had Mass Effect 3. It didn’t have any true, non-hybrid RPGs. That’s better. By picking up The Last Story, you’ll give your new Wii U owner a 30-40 hour game that’s entertaining and looks fantastic.

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