Black Friday 2012: The Steam Autumn Sale is on!

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It’s here! A huge, fantastic, wonderful Steam sale is here! I can’t believe it. I didn’t even think that Valve would do something wonderful for Black Friday 2012. But it has, and the Steam Autumn Sale is wonderful. Between November 21-26, 2012, people can get all kinds of wonderful deals on Steam games, like daily deals, flash sales and a massive indie game sale that knocks 40-75% off the prices of tons of great games from smaller developers.

There are pages of deals on Steam right now. The Steam front page highlights the daily deals and limited-time flash sales. Meanwhile, an extra page highlights some of the indie games that are 40-75% off. I’d still recommend browsing the general indie games, because not all of the sale titles are listed on the indie game page.

For now, let’s look through the daily deals for November 21, 2012!

  • Age of Empires III: Complete Collection (Windows) – $9.99
  • Darksiders II (Windows) – $16.99
  • Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers (Windows) – $4.99 for standard edition, $9.99 for special edition
  • Terraria (Windows) – $3.39
  • The Walking Dead Season 1 (Windows, Mac) – $12.49
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Windows) – $33.49

Now remember, this Steam Autumn Sale is limited. It ends on Cyber Monday, which is November 26. So take advantage of this moment to grab things you’ve been wanting for a while. I know I’m picking up Saira, The Last Remnant, Critter Crunch, NyxQuest and maybe Gyromancer. What will you be getting?

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