Glu Mobile tries its luck with Dragon Slayer for Android

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Glu Mobile released its latest Android game this week called Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayer will be one of the last Glu Mobile games of 2012 along with Contract Killer Zombies 2. Dragon Slayer utilizes an Infinity Blade-like combat style just like Blood & Glory and Death Dome. However, this time you’ll be taking down dragons.

We’ve dealt with Glu Mobile games long enough to know how Dragon Slayer plays out. You’ll be able to progress through a small portion of the game at first, but you’ll eventually hit a brick wall that can only be reasonably brought down by spending real money.

Glu Mobile considers games such as Dragon Slayer to be a “freemium 1.0″ title because it focuses on a single-player experience. In 2013, Glu will begin to transition to “freemium 2.0″ games that are centered around multiplayer and PVP experiences.

Source [Google Play]

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