22cans looks to reinvent Populous with its new game Godus

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22cans is already working on its post-Curiosity game. The studio revealed its new game called Godus, which hopes to re-invent the 1989 game Populous. To fund Godus, 22cans started a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of receiving £450,000 ($580,000).

Godus is a God game much like Populous. The object is to build up a cult and shape your society in the way you see fit. To compliment current gaming traditions, Godus will contain cooperative and competitive elements. Players will be able to take on cults created by other Gods in a combat system inspired by Dungeon Keeper. Interestingly enough, both Populous and Dungeon Keeper were inspired by 22cans’ Peter Molyneux.

If funded, Godus will be released for PC and mobile devices (most likely iOS and Android).

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