Black Friday 2012: Origin PC giving free SSDs, overclocking and Windows OS with purchase

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Online high-end PC retailer, Origin PC, has announced a Black Friday deal that might appeal to anyone looking to get a high-end gaming rig this holiday.

According to the press release sent today (November 22, 2012) and the company’s web site, PC and laptop purchases come with a freebie: Either a Free Corsair SSD (solid state drive) up to 240 GB, Free overclocking an/or a copy of Windows 7 or 8. These are, of course, as supplies last.

Original PC’s cheapest laptop listed in the deal is $800 and the PCs go up to $2k, so any extras will certainly be a good thing. You will need to look through the price tiers to see exactly which freebie you can add to your purchase. At the lowest end you get a 120 GB SSD and free overclocking. At the highest end, you get all three deals (including a 240 GB SSD and free Windows 7 or 8 Premium).

This deal lasts through Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012).

Site [Original PC]

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