Black Friday 2012: Old Navy’s Wii U giveaway promotion card (updated)

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If you were brave enough to be in line early last night (a.k.a. super early this morning) at your local Old Navy store, then you were also lucky enough to have scored a bracelet. I, of course, got there too late and missed the plastic-y promotional accessory.

That bracelet is basically a go-home-and-sleep pass so that you can get some rest, freshen up a bit and come back any time later today (November 23, 2012) to get your free copy of Super Mario Bros. U for Nintendo’s new Wii U game console. Assuming that you also spend $40 or more today as well, of course.

This store, as like most Old Navy locations, only had a limited number to give out which were allocated pretty much right away. According to what the nice line lady told me, this store had only 48 copies.

Pretty much everyone who entered the store, however, was handed a nice “Here’s Your Chance to Win A Wii U System” entry code card that printed to look like and trimmed to the exact shape of a white Wii U GamePad controller.

In order to enter, you also have to provide your name, home address and email address through the Old Navy Wii U promo web site, so they pretty much scooped up a lot of mailer info today. If you do decide to enter your code, you’ll need to do so by 11:59 p.m, Monday, November 26, 2012.

Old Navy also has a Wii U on display to try within each store, which should be playable through the weekend. The store I dared to enter, however, had a big ol’ “CLOSED” sign on it, so no one was playing anything.

If you were lucky enough to get a bracelet and a free New Super Mario Bros. U, let us know. We’d love to see a picture of it

And it you won a Wii U console, grab a screen cap of that sweet action as well. The rest of  us get to see the loser screen instead:

And as for Old Navy’s other deals: Well, the hour+ checkout line was not worth it for a $10 sweater, $5 fleece or half-price $40+ “outerwear.”

UPDATE: Seems that, after you enter the code, you are emailed a coupon good for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more good from November 25 through December 8, 2012. So I guess it might be worth it if you plan to shop Old Navy for the holidays.

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  • Cornelius

    I went there to pick up almost $80 in performance fleece sweaters for the family and for gifts. I got there at around 9:15pm, was 7th in line but more like third since the people in front of me had pretty much come together. Got my copy of Mario WiiU. Worth the trip. Orlando Old Navy by Millenia Mall

  • Shannon

    Also took part in the hour long wait at Old Navy just to check out..only waited that long for the GREAT deals on boots for my 2 daughters who were counting on getting new boots for Christmas. I arrived about 15 ppl to late to get the free game but did get the code & entered all of my info just to have the screen stay blank. After I pushed play nothing happened at all the screen just stayed blank & I kept waiting on something to happen but nothing ever did. I tried to resubmit info & code again & of course it told me the code had already been used….grrr a little disappointed with the end result of our black Friday experience with Old Navy & we usually love that store

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  • Laura

    I won the game!

  • http://A4FC Debbie

    I was 2nd in line at the York, PA store and scored the free game and…. WON THE WII U WITH THE CODE! I didn’t think to take a screenshot but your little disk swirls down into the pink swirly circle and you get a congrats screen! So, enter your codes! People are winning!

  • Denise Johnson


  • http://GJCFT4XJ9F Anisa Begovic


  • jaspal kajala

    i like old navi clothes

  • jaspal kajala

    good service

  • Vicky

    I was 3rd in line at OldNavy (Arizona) got the Mario Game then just entered the code online and WON!!! the console… YAY!!!!!!!!!! I have a ScreenShot but I dont know how to send it to you.. :(

    • PJ Hruschak

      You can email me at pj [AT] gamertell [DOT] com.

  • http://valdemar valdemar ortiz

    quiero ganar ese juego de wi

  • http://oldnavy zemira

    hoo realy won!!!!!!!!!!!;););):)

  • Rupinder


  • bryan

    I got plenty of codes….anyone wanna trade?

  • John

    I was upset when I got to my old navy to find they were all out of the copies of the game and disgruntled, I still managed to do some shopping and while I griped with the cashier about the limited number of copies the store had (only 22) he handed me a little card and said, here you can try to win a wii u for free. Not knowing anything about the giveaway I through the card in my bag and forgot about it. Later the next day when I was going through the bold navy bag I came across the card and thought what the hell. So I popped online after going through the rest of my gifts and come to my surprise, after poping the code in, I had actually won the system…. I’ve never won something as nice as this ever before and can’t be any more excited than I am! Only crappy part is that it won’t be here for another 4 to 6 weeks, but still a fee wii u!!!! Thank you old navy