Black Friday 2012: This Amazon Black Friday deal proves now is the time to buy a Vita

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It’s Black Friday, which means lots of stores have some of the best sales you’ll find until 2012 ends. One of the best, however, is a surprise Amazon Black Friday deal that has appeared today. If you don’t have a Vita, now is the perfect time to grab one with Amazon’s custom version of the Assassin’s Creed’s Creed III: Liberation Vita bundle. For $179.99, you get a package that will keep you busy until February 2013.

What makes this bundle special is both the price and the extras. Most other stores are selling the Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Vita bundle, with a white Vita, the game and a 4GB memory card, for $199.99 today. If this Amazon Black Friday deal had just been that bundle for $179.99, it’s still have been awesome, since this bundle is normally $249.99. However, Amazon outdid itself by adding even more.

People who buy this bundle also get extra games and credit. To start, they get a code to download PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, normally a $39.99 game, for free. They also get a 3 month subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is usually $17.99. PlayStation Plus just launched on the Vita on November 20, 2012, and people with a subscription can download and play Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio HD, Wipeout 2048, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. So this bundle actually gives people access to eight games.

On top of that, there’s one more bonus. People who buy this also get a $10 credit at Amazon towards a copy of Assassin’s Creed III (PS3, Xbox 360). Since the Vita version can connect to the PS3 version, people may want to pick that up later.

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