Upcoming Don’t Starve update introduces ranged weaponry, bee mines and more

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Don’t Starve is getting a major update on November 27. On that day, Wilson will get new items to craft and will have different creatures to fight. For example, ranged weapons finally make it into the game in the form of blowdarts. The blowdarts have the ability to put creatures to sleep. No longer will you have to lay down bird traps to get feathers. Wilson’s moving up in the world!

Another added weapon are bee mines. It does exactly what the name implies. Whenever an enemy steps on the mines, it explodes to reveal angry bees. This can be an effective tool in conducting spider nest raids. Naturally, these new items require additional inventory space. That’s why we’ll be able to craft a backpack that creates eight more inventory spaces. We’ll also be able to select the first 10 items in the inventory with the number buttons on the keyboard.

Here are the other new features that will be available once the update hits:

  • Hounds
  • Flamehounds
  • Improved bugnet
  • Scared rabbits (all run when you attack one)
  • Football helmet
  • Dapper vest
  • Action button assigned to the spacebar
  • Nicer fire animation

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