Molyneux teases “badgers” in upcoming Curiosity update

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Peter Molyneux is good at keeping the hype train moving. Despite Curiosity getting off to a very rough start and risked becoming another over-promised project from Molyneux, the veteran developer is already teasing six “big new features” that will be coming to Curiosity soon.

Molyneux made these comments on CVG’s Curiosity live blog. On November 21, Molyneux said 22cans was working on the mysterious features since the previous week. We don’t know what kind features could drastically change the way we break cubes on a touchscreen, but Molyneux said they’ve been “designed by looking at how people interact with Curiosity.

Typical vague Molyneux wording that is. While we wait for the studio to deliver, you can download the latest update to Curiosity that resolves the disappearing coin problem and removes the Facebook icon.

Source [CVG]

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