Nintendo sold over 1 million systems last week, 400,000 of them Wii Us

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Last week was a very good week for Nintendo. Not only did the Wii U launch on November 18, 2012, but it also was Black Friday 2012. If there wasn’t a boost in sales, something would be wrong. Fortunately for fans of the 3DS, DS, Wii and Wii U, there was and Nintendo gladly accepted all of your money. While we don’t know how much money Nintendo made between November 18-24, 2012, we do know how many systems were sold. Reggie Fils-Aime told CNET that people bought over 1.2 million Nintendo systems in the United States during that brief period of time.

Fils-Aime had breakdowns for ready for all systems, so he could show off just how well each handheld and console did. The Wii U was the top seller last week, naturally. Around 400,000 of them were sold in the U.S. following its launch. Fils-Aime says that figure could have been higher, had Nintendo been able to ship out more Wii Us to stores. The second biggest seller was the Wii, with about 300,000 of them sold. The DS came in third with around 275,000 sold. Finally, the 3DS came in last with about 250,000 units moved. Fils-Aime didn’t provide any specific sales figures for the 3DS compared to the 3DS XL.

I have to wonder if the 3DS could have overtaken the DS in sales had Nintendo offered more than just one holiday value bundle. This year there was only one 3DS holiday bundle, a $169.99, red 3DS that included a copy of New Super Mario 3D Land. Perhaps if there had been a second bundle, maybe with a 3DS, Pokemon Black/White Version 2 and Pokemon Dream Radar, the 3DS would have beaten the DS.

Overall, it looks like Nintendo had plenty to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving. I’m especially surprised at the number of Wii and DS systems sold, considering neither is really receiving new games. I guess people couldn’t resist the deep discounts and figured they could rely on the existing game libraries.

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