You could be the first Final Fantasy “Super Fan”

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Final Fantasy is one of the longest running role-playing game series ever and has always been a huge fan favorite. It’s brought about some of the best game characters, storylines and even villains (What gamer hasn’t heard of the Cloud-Sepheroth feud?)

Next year (2013) will be Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary and Square Enix wants to give it to the gamers by crowning one particular fan as the first ever “Final Fantasy Super Fan.”

Fans from all over the world have submitted their 60-second long videos showing off their immense FF collections, costumes, FF stories and anything else they could come up with to show they are worthy of such a title. Out of the scads of entries, Square Enix has managed to narrow it down to just 25 finalists and has now left the rest of the voting up to the public (since only true fans know what other true fans look like).

One lucky fan will win the grand prize which includes the title of “Final Fantasy Super Fan” and have his or her name credited in the new FF game Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. As if that isn’t awesome enough, they will also receive two tickets to see the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert January 2013 in Paris, France. Also, all finalists and the grand prize winner will receive a FF goodie bag with all sorts of awesome stuff (valued up to $41).

So, if you think you know what it takes to be a true FF super fan then head over to and check out the finalist videos to see who is worthy. Only one vote per video is allowed and the winner will be announced on December 10, 2012. Hurry because you only have until December 7, 2012, and the fans need every vote they can get.

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