Run through the Dunwall City Trials in Dishonored

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You know, I keep hearing really great things about this Dishonored game. Which would figure, since Bethesda is affiliated with it and even though Bethesda has issues with PS3 games working the way they’re supposed to, they’re generally known as a high quality and trustworthy developer. That, and Dishonored is actually made by Arkane Studios, which helps. Amyways, the game has been crazy successful and was likely snapped up by tons of people during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping rush. Fortunately, both current owners of Dishonored and newcomers will also be able to celebrate the holidays with new DLC called the Dunwall City Trials.

I hope you aren’t expecting more story or adventures should you buy the Dishonored‘s Dunwall City Trials DLC, as it is just a challenge pack for Corvo. Players will get 10 maps to explore, all set in Dunwall City naturally, and will be have to perform certain tasks within a certain amount of time. Corvo may have to do multiple assassinations in one challenge, or face a mob of enemies, or maybe even do both at once. All that matters is surviving until time runs out while getting as much done as possible so you can earn new achievements/trophies and maybe snag a spot on the online leaderboards.

If that sounds good to you, you won’t have to wait long. The Dishonored Dunwall City Trials will start on December 11, 2012. There’s none of that timed-exclusivity bull going on either, so on December 11, every platform gets it for $4.99/400 Microsoft Points. Equality, ho!

There will be two more Dishonored DLC packs released in 2013. Those are the ones you should really look forward to playing, as each will have new campaigns for Corvo. All we know so far is the next DLC will pit Corvo against the Whaler assassins, which have mystical powers similar to his own.

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  • seth

    Got this game at launch and it was a complete joy from start to finish. The freedom it grants is so awesome. There are SO many ways to play through this game its freakin RAD!

  • seth

    ….and i cant wait for this DLC!