Dragon’s Dogma’s A Trial for Adventures – Challenge Pack update adds Hard Mode and Speed Run

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Capcom’s been doing quite a bit to keep Dragon’s Dogma relevant. There have been numerous updates, adding different difficulty levels, not to mention there’s that DLC expansion on the way. In the meantime though, I’m sure plenty of people have beaten the game and have it just sitting in a stack waiting for another update. Dig it out, because one’s coming soon. On December 4, 2012, the A Trial for Adventures – Challenge Pack update will arrive and give people who’ve already beaten Dragon’s Dogma something to prove.

Don’t let the fancy “A Trial for Adventures – Challenge Pack” name confuse you. This Dragon’s Dogma update is actually one players have been expecting for a while. It’s the addition of the Hard Mode difficulty level and the Speedrun Mode which tasks players with completing the game in a certain amount of time or less. You’ll probably want to wait to try tackling either until your second playthrough, so you can have those New Game+ bonuses carry over.

The update also adds some extra goodies for people who actually manage to complete Dragon’s Dogma‘s Hard Mode or Speedrun. In each case, you earn full outfits for your efforts, one for a male avatar and one for a female avatar. Male characters get Edmun Dragonsbane’s Outfit for Hard Mode and Barnaby’s Outfit for Speedrun, while female character’s get the Abyss Outfit for Hard Mode and Selene’s Outfit for Speedrun. Think of them as cosplay rewards!

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