Don’t Starve ‘Birds and the Bees & Dogs That Want To Kill You’ update is live

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The latest update for Don’t Starve is now available through Steam and Google Chrome. This update is called Birds and the Bees & Dogs That Want To Kill You. There’s a good reason for such a name. Klei has placed Hounds and Flame Hounds in the game as formidable opponents. You can also capture bees and convert them into mines that can aid you in combat.

The Hounds appear to come around at random. I was walking back to my main camp after spending a few days uncovering the rest of the map when two hounds came charging out of nowhere. If you’re equipped with a spear and armor, they shouldn’t cause a lethal amount of damage. The flame hounds may be a different story altogether.

You’ll also notice that it takes less wood to create objects such as chests and pig houses. The visuals of the game have also changed in regards to dusk and the aura fires give off. Don’t Starve is certainly getting better in its alpha status.

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