Get the Wii U system music soundtrack courtesy of DJ Cutman

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We know finding a Wii U isn’t the easiest thing to do right now, but perhaps this nine-track album by DJ Cutman will tide you over until you get one. DJ Cutman recently released a digital album called WiiU Gooves that contains music from the various Wii U menus.

The album can be donwloaded in a variety of formats including MP3 320 and FLAC. You’ll also get the opportunity to download another collection remixed Wii U system songs once you download WiiU Grooves. You don’t even need to pay anything for all this.

I’m finding myself really enjoying this collection of songs. The audio quality is great, and it’s another shining example of how good Nintendo is when it comes to producing first-party songs.

Source [DJ Cutman]

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  • seth

    AWESOME! Thanks for this update! I love GameChops and love Video Game music. Thanks!