Gameloft releases a military base-building strategy game called World at Arms

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Gameloft released a new game for Android today called World at Arms. This title (which is also available for iOS), combines a base creation simulation with real-time strategy elements. World at Arms is free, but it hasn’t erected a paywall in the 40 minutes I’ve been playing it.

The story behind this game is that of war. The United States is battling an enemy known as the KRA (which is likely based on North Korea), and you’re the commanding officer of a military facility. You have to build structures such as barracks, vehicle depots, mess halls, oil towers and more to keep the base running smoothly. You’ll get in-game currency to accomplish these tasks, but you can also choose to spend real cash on the premium currency known as Gold Stars. The prices for Gold Stars range from $1.99 for 20, to $99.99 for 1,400. Gold Stars are used to speed up production in facilities and build certain units. I have a bad feeling the dependence on premium units are what will really drive in-game purchases.

Combat is performed automatically. The strengths and weaknesses of certain units are handled like a game of rock, paper scissors. Grenades are strong against guns, guns are strong against knives and knives are strong against grenades. It’s simple, yet satisfying.

I’m going to keep playing World at Arms until it becomes too prohibitive. I’m hoping that won’t happen because this really is a fun game.

Google Play Link [World at Arms]

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