Preview: Anomaly Korea for Android

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Anomaly Korea, the sequel to the tower offense game Anomaly Warzone Earth, is nearing its release on iOS and Android. We don’t know an exact release date or pricing yet, but 11 bit studios was kind enough to provide us with a preview build of Anomaly Korea so that we could give you a head’s up on what’s new in this game.

Anomaly Korea begins in Seoul, South Korea on March 3, 2019. The fight in Baghdad is over, but the machines have popped once again. That’s where we come in. We get to play as an American named Captain Evans. He and his limited number of troops fight through Korea with the help of a soldier named Lieutenant Park. Lt. Park provides remote assistance over the radio. In this regard, level progression is very similar to Anomaly Warzone Earth. Lt. Park tells Capt. Evans what to do, and he carries it out.

Setting the Right Course

Each level in Anomaly Korea can easily overwhelm you if you don’t plot out the right course. This is a feature that helped make Anomaly Warzone Earth so unique. Purists will be happy to know the navigation mechanic hasn’t changed. You still have to tap on arrows to uncover the safest route through the machines. However, there was an added layer of difficulty regarding this system on one of the levels I played.

In the screenshot above, you can see areas shaded in red and blue. On this particular level, the red area indicated an indoor location, and the blue area represented an outdoor location. The catch was that air support wasn’t possible while indoors. I had to make sure my course allowed me take out a decent number of towers while providing myself with a direct line to the outside. While outside, I was given a sizable number of power-ups that enabled me to repeat the process until I destroyed every tower inside the facility.

Abilities and Vehicles

In the preview build, there was only one new ability called Boost. When activated, the Boost ability increases the range, damage and firing speed of any friendly unit within its radius. This made taking down towers much easier and faster than attacking them normally. If you can get a good number of Crawlers (missile launchers) or Horangi tanks in a group while Boost is active, you can deal massive amounts of damage. What’s the Horangi? This is the Horangi.

The Horangi tank is a new unit with a special ability. Whenever it destroys a tower, it stores a little bit of energy. When the energy meter is full, the Horangi will be surrounded by a glowing aura whenever it’s within range of a tower. Tapping on the tank will cause it to fire a powerful shot that can instantly destroy a slightly wounded tower. If you pair the Horangi with the Boost ability, you will be able to use your special power more often. Even without Boost, the Horangi’s fire rate prevents it from being a moving target with one trick up its sleeve.

The other abilities I got were carried over from the first game. The smokescreen and repair abilities are still as effective as before.


In the four stages I played, Anomaly Korea felt very familiar. The sound effects and graphics are slightly better (I played on a Nexus 7), and the new Boost ability really made me feel like a powerhouse. I’m looking forward to discovering the other abilities and vehicles in the full game.

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