Skrillex Quest may make Skrillex tolerable

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It’s amazing what some dust can do. One piece got into a copy of Skrillex Quest and corrupted the entire in-game world. There’s only one hero who seems uneffected, which means it is up to him to try and set things right. He must go through a fractured and glitchy world in the hopes of fixing things and undoing the dusty damage. That’s the whole point of the new, free, browser-based RPG designed to promote Skrillex and his songs.

Skrillex Quest is very easy to play. The Hero has ten hearts of health and is armed with a sword. He must fight off glitches in various dungeons, slashing at them with his sword until they fall, until each is eliminated. All this must be done before time runs out. Meanwhile, the screen is constantly glitching out while you play. There are some nice visual effects at play and it’s very well done for a browser game.

I have to admit, I normally don’t care for Skrillex and I was suspicious of playing a game that’s designed to promote dubstep, but Skrillex Quest is actually really good. The music fits the theme perfectly and it’s a lot of fun to play. If you have a few minutes to kill, open up your browser and give it a go.

In case you’re wondering why this looks so good and is so fun to play, I can solve that question. Remember the Perfect Strangers browser game where you entered a wish, then helped Balki collect stars so it would be granted? Well, Jason Oda made both that and Skrillex Quest.

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