iPad gaming update for December 2, 2012

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Hopefully you still have pennies left over from all the discounts on iOS games last week. This week we have some big names on the gaming update with The Walking Dead, Street x Tekken, and Jet Set Radio all available for your iOS gaming pleasure.


Ryu and Kazuya take on endless strings of opponents in Capcom’s free-to-play STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Gauntlet. Fight until the clock runs out or your health does for the highest score and bragging rights.

Jet Set Radio goes from Dreamcast to iOS in this $4.99 port. Tune in to Pirate radio and tag the city of Tokyo-to with classic tags or design your own. Recruit others to help you spread the influence and fight the power.

The Walking Dead: Assault is the official game of the series for $1.99. Take on the role of the series’ characters as you progress the story and take on your friends in the Game Center Leaderboards. Unlock content such as wallpapers, art, etc. as you play through the first episode when Rick wakes up to the new world.

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