iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for December 2, 2012

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After the rush of sales in the App Store over the holiday weekend, hopefully you still have some money left for this week’s iPhone and iPod Touch selections. Whether you’re into online RPGs or first person shooters, or even a classic games like Pong, there’s something on this week’s list for you.


Arcane Legends brings you one of the best looking MMORPGs to your iOS device. Choose from the warrior, sorcerer, and rogue as you play online via co-op or go it solo. Gather pets to help you defeat the evil, unlock abilities, and find legendary weapons.

When a biological outbreak plagues a European town, it’s up to Leo to contain it in the free to play, Mercenary Ops. Shoot your way through 8 levels using different control schemes including a gyroscope based scheme.

Pong World brings the classic game to a modern light in this free to play new take on the game. Defeat opponents and collect paddle creatures each with their own powers and unlock different locations. Play through 3 game modes including two-player battle, survival, and conquest.

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