Get ready for a zombie plague that you can control

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Plague Inc. is nearly ready for an update that will introduce zombies to the world-killing game. A post of the Ndemic Creations website says the zombie update will bring new graphics, strategies, achievements, events and genes.

In case you’re not familiar with Plague Inc., here’s a brief synopsis. This is essentially a strategy / simulation game that makes you the master manipulator of deadly diseases, viruses, fungi and other nasties. The goal is to evolve these plagues to become more infectious without alerting the world of its presence. When the time is right, you can mutate the plague to become so deadly, the entire world will be wiped out before it can develop a cure. Morbid right?

Ndemic Creations is also working on bringing Plague Inc. to Windows Phone, PC, Mac and consoles. There’s no release window for those versions at this time.

Source [Ndemic Creations]

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