Gameloft fixes Heroes of Order & Chaos server issues that prevented the Android release

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Gameloft decided not to release Heroes of Order & Chaos for Android because its servers proved to be insufficient following the game’s iOS release. The company has been working to fix the servers, and it believes it has everything mostly under control. While everything isn’t perfect, Gameloft feels it’s appropriate to set an Android release date for December 5.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a big MOBA effort on behalf of Gameloft. It includes 30 heroes to choose from, and maps that support matches of 3-on-3 or 5-on-5. This is a very competitive game, so don’t expect competitors to go easy on you.

We’ll be trying this game out once it launches. It’ll be completely free, but the key will be making sure the people who pay don’t get a huge advantage over those who don’t. That’ll be one of the most important things we’ll be examining upon release. Be on the lookout for our impressions.

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