Don’t Starve players debate over the removal of Research Points

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Don’t Starve is constantly undergoing changes in its beta state. The most recent update was released on November 27, and it introduced new enemies, and more importantly, items to craft. The way Don’t Starve is set up requires players to first spend Research Points in a Science Machine or Alchemy Machine before they’re able to unlock some of the more advanced items. This system has been around for months, but Klei has plans to drastically change or remove Research Points in 2013. 

According to Klei Entertainment’s Kevin Forbes, the current Research Points system is too much of a grind. In some ways, he would be right. The most Research Points can be earned by cashing in trinkets found buried at grave sites or exchanging gold. The problem is grave sites don’t respawn, and the drop rate for finding gold by smashing boulders has been drastically reduced. The only other way to get gold is to give meat to the Pig King. That method in and of itself requires grinding for meat that you can otherwise use to sustain yourself.

The new plan for unlocking advanced items isn’t too much different than creating basic items. Instead of unlocking them through Research Points, you’ll simply build prototypes by using more materials than normal.

“You build a prototype at the machine the same way you currently unlock a recipe – but it costs 2x (3x? character dependent?) the usual cost,” Forbes wrote on the Don’t Starve forums. “Once you’ve built a prototype, the recipe is unlocked for that world, and you can build the recipe anywhere at the normal cost.”

This has naturally caused the community to offer their opinions on the matter. The Don’t Starve forums are very civil, and some of the suggestions are quite interesting. Here are a few tidbits:

“I love the fact that it would kill of all the grind and that you would no longer need to rack up the points to build something. It is logical to think of an idea, make it and than be better at making that item, in that aspect it seems like a very natural way to do things. It would indeed also allow you to decide what you want to make every playtrough [sic] and determine your strategy for that survival run.”

“Gotta say that I greatly dislike this change, it makes no sense to me, you are removing the aspect of grinding, by forcing us to farm huge quantities of materials just to make the prototype? Lets take a pig house for example, as I have recently constructed my own village of piggys: Being conservative and taking your estimate of x2… That requires 16 planks, and 14 stone… for 1 prototype… thats 96 logs just to create a prototype…”

“I’m liking the prototype idea, I think it’ll add that extra ‘Should I really build this prototype or should I use the resources for something else’ kind of fear.”

So what do you think? Would you be okay with prototypes replacing Research Points, or would you rather keep Research Points under a revised system?

Source [Don’t Starve Forums]

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  • Brandon

    I’d be OK with this change but prototypes shouldn’t apply to bee boxes and whatnot.