Your cell phone company will decide when PlayStation Mobile comes to your HTC phone

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PlayStation Mobile has been operational since October for a limited number of devices. To this day, only certain Sony and HTC devices are officially supported. If you own the HTC One X, S, or V you probably haven’t been able to use PlayStation Mobile. That’s because support won’t be officially available until those devices are updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In other words, the time span in which you will receive PlayStation Mobile will be determined by your cellular network provider.

This situation is just another example of how owners of Android devices are constantly getting the shaft in terms of updates. HTC’s family of phones run a customized version of Android called HTC Sense. Whenever a new version of Android is released by Google, HTC has to run all kinds of tests to make sure its custom software plays nice with Google’s new code. After that, carriers have to test the update before making it available to their customers. The bloatware that’s pre-installed on phones such as navigation apps, and shopping apps also have to pass certification with every new Android update. If for any reason the carriers find the update to be unsatisfactory, they’ll send it right back to HTC for tweaking. That process can take several weeks.

There’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait before PlayStation Mobile comes to your HTC device. The One X is currently receiving the Android 4.1 update internationally, but AT&T hasn’t made any specific announcements for the U.S. version. The HTC One S update is also still up in the air.

The HTC One V is still listed as being compatible with PlayStation Mobile, but HTC said it would not get the Android 4.1 update because it doesn’t have more than 512MB of RAM. I guess Sony didn’t get that memo.

Needless to say, PlayStation Mobile isn’t off to a good start. If its widespread adoption is left to carriers, it’s already doomed.

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  • Michael

    This is why Sony should focus on non carrier devices (tablets). The Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Kindle Fire, and IPads should all have the PSM app running on them right now. So don’t blame cell phone carriers for a slow start of PSM.