Got a question about Don’t Starve? We’ll ask the developers for you

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Don’t Starve is one of my favorite indie games of 2012. Over the past several months, Don’t Starve has enjoyed a boost in popularity thanks to word of mouth promotions. We at GamerTell want to have some more insight into Don’t Starve, so we’ve set up an interview with the developers at Klei Entertainment. We have some questions lined up, but we want to get your questions answered as well. If there’s anything you want Klei Entertainment to answer about about Don’t Starve, leave your question in the comments section of this post. We’ll pick out a few and get them answered for you. Don’t be shy, fire away!

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  • MarthVaders19

    Is “Don’t Starve” only for windows? or can macs use it?

    • Jeremy Hill

      It’s only for Windows PCs right now.

    • Jeremy Hill

      I should clarify that the Steam version is only for Windows PCs. You may have some luck if you try to play the Google Chrome version.

  • Felix Carter

    When will Don’t Starve be released for mac? Please can it be done as soon as possible as I really wan’t to play it, but not on google chrome.

  • Jeremy Hill

    The developers said they want to finish the PC version of the game before moving on to other platforms. So we really don’t know if it’ll be ported to Mac.