Woman’s BioShock Infinite cosplay so good, Irrational Games hires her

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Looking like a video game character seems to be good business. At least, it seems the case for Anna “Ormeli” Moleva, a cosplayer who bares an uncanny resemblence to Elizabeth, the heroine of BioShock Infinite. Once she saw what Elizabeth looked like, Moleva felt obligated to cosplay as her. Irrational Games found out about it, was taken aback by how amazing she looked and immediately offered her a job.

Yes, Anna Moleva is now the face of BioShock Infinite. She is Elizabeth.

Irrational Games has hired Moleva to be Elizabeth. Her face is on the back of the BioShock Infinite box, she’ll get to be in the BioShock Infinite commercial and apparently she’ll be used in other promotional art as well. Irrational Games will even be flying her to various events to promote BioShock Infinite‘s Elizabeth in her cosplay.

Moleva has been a cosplayer for several years now. If you check her Deviantart page, you’ll see some of her other cosplay endeavors. I’m particularly wowed by her portrayal of Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. Her BioShock Infinite, Commander Shepard and Poison Ivy cosplays are amazing as well.

So congratulations Anna! Let this be a lesson to all you other cosplayers too – keep dressing up. If you’re good enough, the company that makes your favorite game may notice and give you a job!

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