The PlayStation Move isn’t so bad if you can get it for $29.98

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I am a thrifter. I am a sucker for a good gaming deal. When I saw an FC Twin at Goodwill for $12.99 with Mega Man X in the SNES slot, I bought it even though I already had a working NES and SNES. When I saw Suikoden III at a Wolff’s Flea Market, I forced my friend to spend $5 on it, even though she had never heard of the series, because it was a fantastic deal. I always have my eyes open. Which is probably how I ended up finding the Deadmund’s Quest PlayStation Move Bundle for $29.98.

I wasn’t looking for any particular deals today. I just stopped by the Target near Woodfield Mall for some Vitamin Water and another carton of the seasonal red velvet cake chocolate milk. I stopped by the electronics department as a force of habit. I entered on that side of the store and I know Target stores always have a clearance endcap. I didn’t even see the Move bundle, initially. At first, all I saw were copies of Assassin’s Creed for $5.98, doublepacks with the Smurfs movie and DS game and some assorted PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games for between $5-20. It was only after moving aside some Rockband Wii keyboards that I saw it – a lone Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest PlayStation Move Bundle.

I picked it up out of curiousity. I didn’t see the price initially and figured it was misplaced. Once I did see the sticker, I was floored. The tag clearly reads, “Clearance. Was $99.99. Now $29.98.”

I was a bit suspicious. I checked online and saw Amazon was still selling this bundle for over $90 and, if GameStop had it in-stock, it would be $79.99. I checked around and there were no other Deadmund’s Quest Move Bundles. I went to the aisle with PS3 accessories. There were Move motion controllers and navigation controllers, but no Move bundles. The package was factory sealed. I decided to check with an employee. No one seemed to know how the PlayStation Move bundle had gotten there (one employee didn’t even know what the Move was) and all they did was assure me that if it didn’t work, I could return it.

Naturally I bought the Deadmund’s Quest PlayStation Move Bundle. I set it up Monday evening and frankly, things are going pretty well. I only own one PS3 game that’s Move compatible, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, but I’m not a fan of the Move controls for it. After all, I traded in my Wii version of the game for the PS3 version so I could play with an actual controller. Sports Champions hasn’t impressed me much, but Deadmund’s Quest is a fun novelty game. Both will likely become games I shove in a CD wallet and forget after a few weeks. I have to admit, I am hoping to find EyePet and try The Unfinished Swan with the Move. Maybe I’ll even go through Heavy Rain again.

Yet, it doesn’t bother me that I’ll probably never get much use out of my new Move. It only cost me $30 for the peripheral and two games. For that price, you can afford to take a chance on an extra you’ll rarely, if ever use.

While I found my Deadmund’s Quest Move Bundle for $29.98 in Illinois, you may want to stop by your local Target as well. Head to the clearance section, check the endcaps and see what’s there. You never know – you could find a $30 Move too.

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