Pid is now easier to beat on PC

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If you’ve been thinking about picking up Pid on PC, but were put off by opinions that said the game was too hard, we’ve got good news for you. Might and Delight, the developer of Pid, has created an easy mode for the game. Pid‘s easy mode redesigns the levels to make them more spacious, and also makes bosses fights shorter.

I have to give it to Might and Delight for making Pid more accessible. That’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. This is a good example of a developer that genuinely takes the opinions of players to heart, and takes the time to make things better. Even if you don’t like the fact that Pid‘s difficulty has been nerfed, the original normal and hard modes haven’t been changed.

We spoke a little about Pid in episode 19 of the GamerTell Cast in early November. We enjoyed the elegant art, but did have a little something to say about the difficulty.

Download Link [Steam]

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