Wii Us sold after Spring 2013 will include Wii U day-one firmware update

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The Wii U day-one firmware update has become a thing of legends. Parents gather around the Little Inferno fireplace while some bricks and somebody else’s credit card burn and tell stories about how the first time they turned on the Wii U, it took them one, two, perhaps even four hours before the Firmware update was complete. Yes, it takes on such mythic proportions that the Wii U day-one update is only referred to as the Firmware. Sadly, it seems this event will go on a bit longer, as Nintendo isn’t planning on offering Wii Us with the day-one Firmware preinstalled anytime soon.

Gamasutra was talking to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime about the Wii U day-one firmware issue. It’s then that people learned the Firmware nightmare would continue. Fils-Aime stated that the Firmware won’t be pre-installed on systems anytime soon. Nintendo isn’t planning to make that day-one update part of the immediately available firmware until sometime in 2013.

The exact release window for Wii Us that will ship with Wii U day-one firmware pre-installed isn’t even certain. Fils-Aime said early 2013 was the likely goal, but it may take even longer than that. Wii Us may not have the Firmware until after spring 2013. Which means you would have to wait until probably June or July 2013 to be guaranteed a Wii U that doesn’t include a 1-3 hour wait for Firmware, depending on your internet speed.

So if you’re thinking about grabbing a Wii U, don’t let that be the only purchase you make that day. Grab a newspaper and a magazine, maybe even a short book too. A little light reading will help make the time pass while you wait for that Wii U day-one firmware to download and install. After all, you know that it’ll only take longer if you sit there and do nothing except watch that progress bar slowly, gradually fill.

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  • seth

    update took me 35 minutes w/install on launch day nov.18. NO. BIG. DEAL.