Android Amusements: Chaos Rings Omega

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It’s time for another Android Amusements installment and this week we’re looking at a really recent release, Chaos Rings Omega. Ok, it’s recent for Android users, but old news to everyone else. See, Square Enix released it back on May 19, 2011 for iOS device owners, but only just got around to putting the Android incarnation on Google Play on November 22, 2012.

Chaos Rings Omega is the prequel to Chaos Rings. This means you don’t have to play the first game to get into this one, but if you do, it helps make the hero Vieg more interesting. Though honestly, after playing both games I think I’d actually recommend playing Chaos Rings before Chaos Rings Omega, even though this one comes first chronologically.

Vieg is one of the Royal Talons, a group of royal bodyguards led by his wife Vahti’s father, Olgar. Vahti is pregnant with Vieg and her’s first child when the three are summoned to the Ark Arena, where couples must take part in a life-or-death tournaments. Players control Vieg and whoever his partner is at the time, going through the dungeons and collecting rings during matches with opponents.

Even though Chaos Rings Omega is set 10,000 years before Chaos Rings, it is very closely tied to the previous game. The nature of the Ark Arena means that Vieg and Vahti appear in both games. It’s a good choice to show them special attention, since both appeared in the Ark Arena twice, with different results each time. Not to mention the backstory of the two in Chaos Rings was quite intriguing, due to spoilers, so it’s interesting to see how the two characters develop across the games. That said, if Olgar and Vahti weren’t your favorite Chaos Rings characters, you may want to skip Chaos Rings Omega.

The basic game play is the same. Players take part in turn-based, RPG battles where they must choose between Solo and Pair attacks to defeat enemies. Some enemies are easier to defeat if the partners work separately, each doing separate attacks, while sometimes it’s better to have the characters join faces to combine their power. Success means surviving and perhaps acquiring “genes” that make Vieg and his partners stronger and unlock new abilities. When you’re not taking part in battles, you’re exploring the Ark Arena’s dungeons and learning more about what’s happening.

Chaos Rings Omega does make a substantial gameplay change that may throw people accustomed to the Chaos Rings formula. You don’t get to play through multiple couples’ storylines. You only see Vieg’s. Vieg does, however, end up having multiple partners throughout the game, so there will be some changes, but that does alter the formula quite a bit. But then, Chaos Rings II also has one main protagonist so people could argue the original Chaos Rings is the odd game out.

There are a few downsides to Chaos Rings Omega and while they aren’t gameplay related, they are big enough that they could prevent people from picking up this RPG. The first is the price. Chaos Rings Omega carries the Square Enix tax and costs $12.99. It’s a good game, but you don’t expect to spend that much on something for your Android device, especially when you can find other, equally awesome RPGs for under $10, perhaps even for under $5.

The prize isn’t the only large thing looming on the horizon with a Chaos Rings Omega purchase. this game is large. It can take up over 1GB of space on your device. If you have a tablet that doesn’t allow you to slip in a microSD or SD card to increase your storage space, you could be in big trouble.

If the price and file size don’t dissuade you, then you should definitely look into Chaos Rings Omega. It looks good, plays great and has an interesting story. Besides, it’s Square Enix. You know that’s a company that knows what its doing.

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