GungHo Online starts providing PS1 Imports on the PlayStation Store

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We PlayStation owners don’t get many PS1 Imports. It’s sad, but true. Monkeypaw Games tries its best for us, but even then, sometimes they lose the rights to sell them on the PlayStation Store over time and then our list of available imports shrinks even more. Fortunately, another company has stepped up to help Monkeypaw Games fight the good fight. GungHo Online Entertainment America has seen our lack of PS1 Import games and decided to take action. So, starting with the December 4, 2012 PlayStation Store update, it will be providing us with quality PS1 Imports.

The first batch of PS1 Imports from GungHo Online is pretty diverse and offers people who have no Japanese language skills to ones who are fluent new gaming opportunities. We have a shoot’em up called Zanac x Zanac, a match-3 puzzle game called Lup*Salad, a fighting game called Makeruna Makendo 2 and an action game with rock/paper/scissor battles called Finger*Flashing. Vehicle Cavalier and Art Camion Sugorokuden round out the lot, but they’re a bit harder to sum up. Art Camon Sugorokuden involves directing a truck to make deliveries around Japan while also decorating it along the way, while Vehicle Cavalier is a post-apocalyptic game where players create and customize a giant mecha while helping one of the eight characters earn lots of money and survive to become one of the most successful and strongest people around.

Since these are PS1 Imports, there will be a language barrier. They are untranslated. Fortunately, some of these games are very easy to play even if don’t know the difference between hirigana and kanji. Zanac x Zanac, Lup*Salad, Makeruna Makendo 2 and Finger*Flashing are the easiest games to play, with Zanac x Zanac being the easiest with pretty much only Japanese menus which are easy to decipher. The other three have Japanese menus and text popping up during the story segment, but are still fully playable even if you have no idea what’s flashing in front of you on-screen. It’s Art Camon Sugorokuden and Vehicle Cavalier that will give you the most trouble, as they are text heavy adventures. For those, you may want to wait until a playthrough video appears online before buying them.

GungHo Online has also set prices for the six games already. Each one is $5.99, which is pretty standard for any PS1 download on the PlayStation Store. The company didn’t say if these six games are Vita-compatible though, so we’ll have to wait a few hours to check on that.

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