You have to download PS Vita firmware 2.01

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What, you aren’t in the mood for another Vita firmware update? You say you like Vita firmware 2.00 just fine and don’t have PlayStation Plus so you don’t need Vita firmware 2.01? Too bad. It’s out now and you’re getting it. You can go ahead and pout all you want, but you’ll have to update eventually if you want to play games online with friends or access the PlayStation Store.

I don’t care that your little 3DS friend hasn’t had a firmware update in weeks. If all your friends went a year without upgrading their firmware, would you too? Don’t answer that. Just get out your power cord, plug in your Vita and start downloading Vita firmware 2.01. I swear, you’ll spend more time complaining about it than it will actually take to download and install the update.

Besides, it’s for your own good. You should be happy you have a device from a company that cares enough to keep improving it. When you get to be my age, you’ll be thankful for Vita firmware 2.01. I never saw Intellivision firmware 1.01, I tell you what.

There, see? The Vita firmware 2.01 update is already done. Look, now you can have your games’ save data automatically backed up to the cloud without any problems. It’s all better and you’ll always know the Online Game Save service has your back. Now go ahead and play one of those online games you love so much like SmallBigWorld or PlayStation Smash Bros. Brawl Royale.

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