How to terrorize Madden NFL 13 defenses with RG III and the Read Option

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When trying to figure out what to do in Madden NFL 13, we can take cues from how the real athletes play. In the Dec. 3 game between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, Robert Griffin III tore up the opposition with the Read Option. The Skins piled up 207 yards on the ground, over 100 of them from the option. It’s a play we can use to great effectiveness in Madden as well.

RG III has a speed rating of 93, insane for a quarterback. Heck, that’s a good speed rating for any position. He’s an 83 overall, so he can make all the throws as well. John Madden himself has called Griffin the best player in the game right now. The Read Option out of the Spread Flex Weak formation makes excellent use of his talent.

The key player for you to watch is the defensive end. If he stays back in coverage, he’s expecting RG III to take off. Then you hand it off to halfback Alfred Morris. This runner has a truck rating of 89. That means once he gets going, he’s pretty hard to stop. Remember the “truck stick,” which is the right analog stick on your console. Flick that up before contact with the tackler to lower your shoulder and power through the run.

If the defensive end charges into the backfield to pursue the halfback, then let RG III keep it and take advantage of that gamebreaking speed. A QB who can throw an 80-yard score or run for one keeps the defense guessing all night. Just ask the New York Giants. After the game, Griffin told ESPN most teams said you can’t run the option in the NFL. Most teams can’t, because they don’t have a quarterback with track star speed.

Zach Farley, an EA Sports Game Changer better known as ZFarls, breaks down the play in this video. ZFarls is also one of the co-authors of Prima’s official Madden NFL 13 strategy guide.

Once you’ve mastered this play, opponents will have to respect the running game. That’s the first step to opening up your passing game.  Now you can take advantage of play action passing, and the speed of receivers Santana Moss and Pierre Garcon.

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