What the heck is going on at Epic Games?

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It’s hard to believe the recent changes at Epic Games are all poorly timed coincidences. Today Epic president Mike Capps told the world he has relinquished his role after spending 10 years with the company. Capps considers his departure to be “retirement,” but he will still sit on Epic’s board of directors after other board members insisted he stay.

It could be that Capps was planning on retiring long before this announcement was made. There could be no need for concern as things may be business as usual at Epic. But you’ll have to excuse me for raising my eyebrows at the situation. Capps is a high profile departure just like Cliff Bleszinski was in October, and Rod Fergusson (now at Irrational Games) was in August.

It’s nearly impossible to determine what’s going on at Epic. Like I said, it could be nothing. But I’m compelled to believe that high profile talents just don’t give up their roles at a company within months of each other for no reason.

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