You’ve got Google Maps in my Wii U

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In one of our first pre-release hands-on experiences with the Wii U, we were shown an application that allowed us to use the GamePad to rotate around the real world while sitting in a virtual moving car. At that time, we were told it was merely a tech demo. Today, Nintendo revealed that same technology will be present in an upcoming Wii U app that utilizes Google Maps.

This map app will continue to play to the Wii U’s dual-screen strengths. The television screen will show overhead satellite imagery, while the Wii U GamePad displays a different perspective through Street View. You’ll be able to rotate and zoom in while in Street View just like you can in the mobile Google Maps app.

Nintendo will release this app in Japan in early 2013. It’ll be free for a couple months, but a charge will be applied after that. We aren’t sure when the West will get this functionality, but there is a North American Nintendo Direct presentation scheduled for today at 9am Pacific. We should know more then.

Source [Nintendo Direct]

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