The Pikmin 3 launch window draws nearer

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The December 5, 2012 Nintendo Direct of course had new information about the Wii U game everyone’s been anticipating, Pikmin 3. It’s only natural, given the affection people have for the original game and the demand there is for new information. Well, these details are still trickling out. All the announcement did was confirm the Spring 2013 launch window for the game. Don’t let that get you down, as there was something else that will make your night.

The latest Pikmin 3 news comes in the form of a brand new trailer. Make an appointment with your dentist, because this footage is so cute that it’ll give you cavities.

I liked the part where the Pikmin rode the lilypad best. It was so cute.

So in summary, we really don’t have too much new Pikmin 3 information. There’s a new trailer and the Q2/Spring 2013 launch window has been confirmed. I’m sure we’ll learn more by either the end of December or beginning of January.

Watch [Nintendo Direct]

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