Fight in perfect harmony with Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight

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I hope you’ve been paying attention to any information about Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight, Game Freak’s 3DS eShop release. The December 5, 2012 Nintendo Direct presentation confirmed something we all already know – the Pokemon-developer’s music-action game is getting released worldwide. Europe’s getting to tap their way through levels in March 2013, while North America will probably be keeping the beat around the same time. Yup, it’s one of those situations where Europe has a release date and we don’t.

Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight is somewhat similar to a Temple Run kind of game. The character automatically runs through a level. Players must tap in time with the music to make him or her jump over obstacles or attack Noizoid enemies. At the same time, you’re also trying to collect notes. If you survive a level and a majority of the notes in a level, you get a more difficult version of that level. Players mostly play as Tempo, but smetimes people get to go through a level as Lyra or Jinbei. Do well, and you’ll banish the Noizoids from Harmonia and save a captured princess.

It’s interesting because Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight has nods to Pokemon. Some of the music from Game Freak’s iconic series has been added into Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight as a bonus. If you complete certain tasks to unlock the extra stages, then you can send Tempo through levels while your favorite poke-tunes play in the background.

Watch [Nintendo Direct]

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