Somebody buy me a WoW Cinder Kitten!

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It’s here, it’s here! The cutest pet to ever grace a MMO has finally appeared. If you head to the Blizzard Store, you can go buy your two World of Warcraft Cinder Kitten pets!

Well, of course you’re going to buy two. One for yourself and one for me. Nevermind that I’ve never played WoW and I don’t plan to. That Cinder Kitten is freaking adorable and I want one just for the sake of knowing I have one. What? You’re just going to buy one for yourself? Fine. I guess I can accept that.

The Cinder Kitten is a charity pet Blizzard put together to help out the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. It’s $10 and, until December 31, 2012, every penny of that goes to the Red Cross. That warm fuzzy feeling you’re getting right now is from the thought of doing something to help others, and not just because the Cinder Kitten is a firey fluffball.

So yeah, buy the Cinder Kitten now while the money goes to the Red Cross, feel good about yourself and become an honorary incendiary itty bitty kitty committee member. That last part’s taken straight from the Blizzard Store product listing, so you know it’s got to be true.

Product Page [Blizzard Store]

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