GTA: Vice City for Android is delayed for about a week

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Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Thursday for iOS and Android. Everything started off well enough on both platforms until Android users realized they couldn’t play the game due to a validation error. Rockstar pulled the game shortly afterwards, but it never returned. The latest information from Rockstar indicates the validation error is going to take some days to fix.

So when can you get your hands on the Android version of Vice City? Well if everything goes according to plan, it should be out sometime before the end of next week.

Here’s the official statement Rockstar wrote on its blog.

“Hey guys, due to unforeseen technical issues, the Android release of Vice City will be slightly delayed. Our goal is to get this out for Android by the end of next week. Our apologies for the delay to all our fans on Android devices and please stay tuned for updates.”

Source [Rockstar]

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