Sony is openly testing a web-based PlayStation Store

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We awoke this morning with word that Sony has launched a web version of the PlayStation Store. Although the store only corresponds to the European version of the PlayStation Store on PS3, it’s possible to browse through all the categories and get a sense of what you may want to purchase. The web store is still technically in the testing phase, but the shackles are going to come off very soon.

The design of the web store is comparable to its console counterpart in terms of the color scheme, font type and categories. Clicking on a game will take you to a dedicated page that’s highlighted by a video or screenshots. From there, you can either purchase the game or queue up a demo if there’s one available.

Unlike the web version of the Xbox Live Marketplace, content purchased from the PlayStation Store on the web can’t be automatically downloaded to your console. All content is placed in the download list that can only be accessed on the console. To reach it, you have go through the account management and transaction management options.

Source [Sony Entertainment Network]

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