iPad gaming update for December 10, 2012

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If you are a fan of RPGs then scroll down and download our first game this week. I promise you’ll thank me later. If that seems a little too much for you than there’s plenty of action and adventure to have in this week’s gaming update.

The classic Dungeon and Dragons styled RPG reemerges on the iPad in the $9.99 Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. This enhanced edition promises over 80 hours of adventuring, 40 classes, and brand new quests not played before.

League of Heroes™ Premium is now available without ads for $2.99. If you have yet to try it out, the game is an adventure with no end as you join up with Facebook friends to help save the village of Frognest. Complete quests to gain items and armor to customize your hero as you slay monsters.

Devil’s Creed for iPad is currently free giving you the chance to experience this action/adventure game. Fight off hordes of enemies including dragons as you gather loot, gain achievements, and upgrade boos slaying weapons.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City comes back from the 80’s to your iDevice for $4.99. This ported version of the hit sandbox game features support for customizable controls, retina displays, and iCloud saves. Beyond those, it’s the same drive through a 1980’s Vice City, complete with bad hair styles and eye exploding attire, that you remember on the PS2.

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